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 From the Connecticut River to the Seacoast, and from the teeming cities in the South to the Great North Woods, it is the honest mission of the Lacasse & Avery Real Estate Team to bring buyers and sellers together with the goal of satisfaction and true happiness for all involved. To achieve that goal, we will work with knowledge and enthusiasm, in a spirit of the highest integrity. We have used our names in this endeavor intentionally, as a pledge to never forget the importance of honor and truthfulness. 

Broadcast Video Camera

Video Walking Tours

With each listing we create a customized walking tour of your home. Providing an in-depth look at your home and what makes it unique and special. 

Typing on the Computer

Property Description

We create engaging and dynamic property descriptions that tell a story. Each description is crafted specifically for each property while utilizing specific keywords for the optimal SEO. 

Guest Bedroom

Professional Photos 

Photography tells a story with every property. We use professional photography and drone photography to help capture the essence of the home and the property.  

Flat viewing

Complete Listing Package

Providing all the information upfront about your listing to potential buyers, equals no surprises. This will ensure confidence in the potential buyer about your property. 

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